Mously Tax Preparation

provides full tax preparation services for individual, business, trust, rental property, deceased and past year income tax returns.

Based in the West End, but serving most of the Greater Toronto Area, we have been a registered E-Filer with the Canada Revenue Agency since 2011, however we have over 15 years experience in the business of tax preparation.  

  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Business Tax Returns including GST Returns
  • Deceased Tax Returns
  • Tax Returns for Trusts
  • Tax Returns for Rental Properties
  • and more
Khaled Mously -tax preparation services in Greater Toronto

Professional, trustworthy and affordable.


We treat all of our clients with courtesy and act with integrity. My firm guarantees accurate, honest Tax Return Preparation at a fair price.

I look forward to talking with you about your specific tax preparation needs.

Khaled Mously
Khaled Mously calculating tax forms

Guaranteed Expertise

Every year the Government makes changes to the tax forms, complicating matters for taxpayers who look at them only once a year. We’re on top of these changes and can help you by simplifying the tax filing process.

Our business model is based on accuracy, great customer service and expertise.

Your tax return preparation comes with a guarantee that we will fully reimburse your fee if your tax preparation is inaccurate through the fault of Mously Tax Preparation.

Contact Us to talk about your specific tax preparation needs.

Calculator and tax forms - Mously Tax Preparation

Affordable Tax Preparation Services

As well as guaranteeing accuracy, we endeavour to keep your fees as low as possible.

Most Personal Income Tax Returns are priced at just $95, even with multiple T-4s.

Most Business Returns are $150 with a small charge for GST Returns.